iOS 9 Review: Update adds new features and addresses glitches

Apple’s latest update has received many positive reviews for the refinements it made to some of the system’s most popular features.

Glitches and fixes

iOS 9 has many new features but caused problems, such as users’ devices locking up mid-update. A week after the Sept. 16 release of the new operating system, Apple released a new update (iOS 9.0.1) designed to address the issue.

Battery Icon

Battery Battles

While the update addresses the biggest problems, it is by no means perfect. Users have reported their devices losing battery power at faster rates. Though there is a battery-saving mode for iPhones, it isn’t a sure-fire solution to the problem and isn’t available on iPads or iPods. Thankfully, there are various tricks and tips to help save your battery.

What’s new?

News Icon


The News app will replace the Newsstand folder when updated but will keep any magazine or newspaper apps you had saved in it. The News app allows users to follow a variety of channels and topics to create a more personalized selection of articles. The app is clearly a work in progress and has received criticism by users and news companies, which were introduced to it through an email that automatically includes their website’s RSS feeds in the app unless they reply and opt-out.

Notes Icon


Previously limited to typed reminders, the Notes app now allows users to include photos, maps and web links in their notes. A selection of different drawing tools and 24 different colors allows hand-drawn sketches to add an additional element of creativity and personality to notes.

Multitasking IconMultitasking

An iPad-specific feature of the new system allows users to view two apps at once in either a slide-over (3:1) or split-screen (2:1) ratio. Picture in Picture allows users to minimize a playing video or FaceTime chat to the lower right corner of their screen while using other apps. Unfortunately, the Multitasking and Notes updates are not applicable for users with iPads predating the iPad Air.

IMG_5690 copySearch Tools

The search screen now includes helpful shortcuts to relevant people, nearby places, suggested apps, and news stories. By clicking the microphone icon at the right of the search bar or holding down the home button, users can access Siri, which can now take on more tasks. Some of Siri’s new features include the ability to set reminders, access photos from specific events and other useful tasks.


iOS 9 introduces several useful features and makes refinements to older apps. The overall experience is more user-friendly than previous systems, though it has its problems.

What have your experiences with iOS 9 been? Do you have any tips or tricks for other users?


10 thoughts on “iOS 9 Review: Update adds new features and addresses glitches”

  1. Great blog!
    I have been intrigued to see how other people are faring with iOS 9. It was interesting to see all of the bugs and upgrades that iOS 9 has brought to my phone that maybe I have noticed before.


  2. As an iPhone user, I am always interested in new updates. I am also a big fan of the various apps and am excited to see that they have been updated. On occasion, I have wished that I could do two things at once so I am glad to see I am not the only one. I look forward to hearing about all the new things Apple products can do in the future.


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